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About Us

About Us

Short History

The uOttawa Anime Club was founded in 2003 with the help of the Society for Ottawa Anime Promotion (SOAP) who provided the resources necessary to create this website. The club began with the goal of gathering all of the Ottawa area anime fans to watch anime together. Since 2012 the club has begun to focus a lot more on social activities during club showings as well as organizing off-campus events.

Club Executives

2017-18 Executives:

President: Christina/SilverRay101
Treasurer: Raph/Raph
VP Communications: Meghan/gaiamayhem
VP Social: Gabriel/Jobin

Club Timeline


Beg Sep: Fall semester starts
Mid-Sep: Clubs week. Anime club table
End Sep: First club showing of the Fall
Mid Dec: Last club showing for Fall

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Please also read the About Us page and the Club Constitution page.

Are club showings just sitting in a dark room and watching anime for 8 hours?

No!!! Unlike other anime clubs in the area, we always have planned events and social activities for showings. However, watching anime together is still the biggest part of club showings.

Do you guys watch Subbed or Dubbed anime at showings?

For club showings we watch subbed TV anime. However some exceptions have been made in the past for movies or the suggestion slot.

Can we watch X anime at club showings?

The anime shown at club showings is chosen by the club executives. There is however a suggestion slot where we could possibly maybe perhaps watch that anime you suggested.

Why can't I vote in polls?

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Forum updated to new version cause it broke

Please be patient while we try to get the forum back to normal. It had to be updated to a new version because the old version broke.

The forum is alive thanks to the great work done by WZ1. All praise WZ1!

I'm just helping out since i was the one who used to manage the forum and want to get it back to what it used to be :)

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Calypso Water Park (Shuttle Bus Plans)- July 16, 2017

Hey Everyone

Calypso Water Park is fast approaching. Do you have your ticket yet? This Sunday the July 16 we are meeting at the St Laurent Centre at the south entrance to catch the shuttle bus ($15 bring cash). If this is not close to you check http://www.calypsopark.com/en/waterpark/ for other locations.

Remember to bring your own food or some money to buy food there. You will also need your swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen

Let's hope for a sunny day!

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Calypso Water Park- July 16, 2017

Hey everyone,
The weather sure is heating up more and more (or at least we are in denial about all the rain)! Did you get your fill of chilling out on the beach? We sure didnít! Thatís why our next activity is heading to Calypso Water Park on July 16th! Be prepared for a day filled with sun and splashing around.
Tickets are $41.99 online and if you need help getting there, there is a shuttle bus that does a round trip for $15 (sure is cheaper than a taxi!). We know that it is expensive but it is going to be a lot of fun!
Feel free to bring your own food or some money to buy food there. You will also need your swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, and a willingness to get into the water!
For more information check out their website at: http://www.calypsopark.com/en/waterpark/
Please let us know if you are...

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