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October 17, 2017, 10:05:37 AM

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Author Topic: Club Constitution 2016-2017  (Read 695 times)


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Club Constitution 2016-2017
« on: September 25, 2016, 01:13:04 PM »

Constitution of the uOttawa Anime Club 2016-2017
Article 1 – Name
The club’s official name will be the uOttawa Anime Club. No other name will be used in the advertisement of representation of the club.

Article 2 – Club Mandate
 1.   The club will serve the purposes of:
 a)   Promoting anime in the University of Ottawa community;
 b)   Provide a safe and friendly environment to view anime;
 c)   Show a variety of genres and styles of anime as both television programs and motion pictures;
 d)   Provide a resource of information for members that share our interests; and
 e)   Provide an environment for anime fans to enjoy social events together.

Article 3 – Membership
 1.   Membership will be open to everyone
 2.   At least 75% of the members of the club are registered students at the University of Ottawa
 3.   All executive members of the club are registered University of Ottawa students

Article 4 – Executive
 1.   The executive committee shall consist of the following:
 a)   President
 b)   Treasurer
 c)   VP Social
 d)   VP Communications
Article 5 – Responsibilities of the Executive
 1.   The President will:
 a)   Oversee the executive committee in the fulfilling of their responsibilities.
 b)   Officiate meetings of the executive committee.
 c)   Sign cheques and approve of any use of club funds, with the Treasurer.
 d)   Represent the club when speaking to Foreign bodies.
 e)   Confirm bookings for rooms.
 f)   Delegates the responsibility for the supply of viewing equipment. This includes a laptop, projector, and any other viewing equipment in addition to the anime to be viewed.
 g)   Serve as liaison between other local anime clubs or delegates this task to others.

 2.   The Treasurer will:
 a)   Be responsible for all club finances, including the collection of membership fees.
 b)   Keep complete and accurate records of all club finances.
 c)   Co-sign cheques and approve of any use of club funds, with the President.
 d)   Creation of membership cards.
3.   The VP Social will:
 a)   Plan activities for our members on/off campus in the name of the club. Social executives must have the unanimous agreement of the executive committee before executing events.
 b)   Provide an itinerary for each activity and/or showing.
i. A showing is described as an on-campus meeting in which anime is presented to club
   members for viewing purposes.

4.   The VP Communications will:
 a)   Be responsible for the maintaining and updating of club social media accounts and online forum.
 b)   Be responsible for all club promotion, including the creation of posters and organization of club week tables.

5.    Overall responsibilities of the Executive Committee:
a)    Management of list of club members;
b)    Recording of meetings;
c)    Making important announcements for the club;
d)    At least one executive member must be on hand for the entirety of all club run events including showings and off campus events; and
e)   Individual position responsibilities may be shared among the executive committee such that responsibilities are fulfilled satisfactorily.

Article 6 – Finances
 1.   The executive will set a membership fee annually.

Article 7 – Meetings
 1.   At least three general meetings shall be held during the school year, including the Annual General Meeting; and a meeting to discuss the Club Constitution and an elections meeting.
 2.   Members will be informed of each of these meetings at least seven (7) days in advance.

Article 8 – Elections
 1.   Elections for the executive will be held in April of each year
 2.   The executive positions will be open to members of the club who are students at the University of Ottawa.
 3.   The length of the mandate of executive members is from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.
 4.   Elections will take place during a meeting on a date determined by the executive. This date must be set and conveyed to club members no less than two weeks in advance along with a call for members to submit their candidacy for the available executive positions
 5.   Candidates for executive positions must convey their interest in a particular position to the current executive no less than one week before the voting date. Candidates also have the opportunity to submit a platform for the position, which will be circulated to club members prior to the vote. In the event that there is nobody contesting the any one of the executive positions in advance of the vote, interested persons may indicate their interest in the position at the elections meeting.
 6.   During the election, each club member (save the President) will have one (1) vote for each executive position. This vote will be secret.
 7.   The President of the club may only vote in the event of a tie.
 8.   The winner for each position will be the candidate with the greatest number of votes. In the case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

Article 9 – Amendments
 1.   Amendments to the constitution must be completed with the approval of all executives.
 2.   An amendment to the constitution must be approved by the SFUO Clubs Committee, which must be presented with a typed copy of the proposed amendment as well as typed minutes from the meeting when the amendment was passed in order to prove that the amendment was passed.

Article 10 – Impeachment
 1.   If there are any members of the club who are not impressed with the actions of an officer, that person may request a vote of non-confidence.
 2.   The person must collect a petition containing five or more signatures from club members (not including their own) and submit it to a member of the club executive.
 3.   One of the signing officers must arrange a meeting and book a room for the impeachment process. The meeting must be conducted within fourteen days of an executive member receiving a petition.
 4.   During the meeting, the offending officer is given a fair chance at defence but is required to provide his or her own evidence and materials to contest the charges.
 5.   After the defence is accepted, 60% of all club members must vote yes to non-confidence at the meeting for impeachment to occur. If this fails to happen, the officer retains the position.
 6.   If the member of the executive is impeached, it is the responsibility of the remaining executives to determine their new responsibilities and replace the former executive member. In the event that the President is impeached an election for the role must be held as soon as possible.
 7.   The President must inform the SFUO of any changes to the club executive.

Article 11 – Refund Policy
 1.   Any person requesting a refund to their membership for the current semester must do so within two weeks of their membership card being issued.
 2.   The person requesting the refund will be reimbursed for 75% of the value of the current semester, plus the full amount of the next semester if required.
 3.   The person requesting the refund must have their membership card present.

Article 12 – Agency Clause
 1.   The uOttawa Anime Club is not an agent of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa and its views and actions do not represent those of the SFUO.

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