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June 28, 2017, 10:02:08 PM

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Feel free to use the live chat below. However the majority of members are now using the discord chat group above.

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Random Pics
It is officially summer!

Please also read the About Us page and the Club Constitution page.

Are club showings just sitting in a dark room and watching anime for 8 hours?

No!!! Unlike other anime clubs in the area, we always have planned events and social activities for showings. However, watching anime together is still the biggest part of club showings.

Do you guys watch Subbed or Dubbed anime at showings?

For club showings we watch subbed TV anime. However some exceptions have been made in the past for movies or the suggestion slot.

Can we watch X anime at club showings?

The anime shown at club showings is chosen by the club executives. There is however a suggestion slot where we could possibly maybe perhaps watch that anime you suggested.

Why can't I vote in polls?

Only club members who have paid their membership can vote in polls. If you have paid but have not been given the right to vote yet post your name in this thread.

How much is the club membership?

Club membership is only 5 dollars for the whole year. Wow such great value!!!

Is it too late to become a member?

It is never too late. Just come to one of our showings and pay the 5 dollar membership fee and you too can become a uOttawa Anime Club Member!!!

What do I get for being a paying member?

On top of being able to come to all the club showings for the year, you get to vote in polls on the forum, you get the club member title on the forum and you get a cool membership card!

Do I have to be a student of the University of Ottawa to be a club member?

No. Anyone can be a member, however we would prefer if members are 18+ or soon to be turning 18.

Do you have events outside of club showings?

Yes! They will be announced on the forum and FB group. Feel free to suggest events you think other members would enjoy.

Why am I an Imouto?

You are assigned a title based off of how many posts you have on the forum. Here are the required number of posts for each title:

Imouto: 0 posts
Gakusei: 25 posts
Kouhai: 100 posts
Senpai: 250 posts
Sensei: 500 posts

Will that large welcome box on the front page always be there?

No. The welcome box will disappear if you log in to your account after registering for the forum. It will be replaced by the Red Box of Randomness which is smaller and more random.

Why are some member names yellow in the who's online box?

Those members are the club executives. They're ~special~
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