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March 25, 2017, 01:43:51 AM

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Welcome to the uOttawa Anime Club!

This is the official website of the anime club of the University of Ottawa. Our mission is to gather anime fans from uOttawa and the rest of the city to enjoy watching and discussing anime and anime related topics. For more information about the club, its showings or events, please visit the Club Info links on the right

Social Media: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

Registration: To become a member of the uOttawa Anime Club just come to one of our showings and pay your membership fee. To register for the forum use the link in the navigation bar above. You do not have to be a student of uOttawa to join the club or forum. You can also create a Chatango account to use the live chat

Contact Us: If you have any questions about the club, have problems registering or just want to chat, please ask one of the members in the live chat or send us an email at: animeclubuottawa@gmail.com
by gaiamayhem on March 13, 2017, 04:57:39 PM
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Hey Everyone!
   Still hanging in there? Time for a break and to continue our line up. Our meeting is this Saturday in the Marion Auditorium on March 18th. This week will be pretty chill; you can relax with some arts and crafts, bring a cosplay to work on since Anime North is in May (gotta get started some time) and playing some games. We will also be discussing elections for the club and how that will all be going down before this semester ends.   
This week’s social breaks will consist of (1) Crafts & Cosplays and talking about Elections and (2) Avalon
1:00 – 2:00 Preshow
2:00 – 2:50 Little Witch Academia (Episodes 7 and 8 )
2:50 – 3:15 Chain Chronicles (Episode 7 )
3:15 – 4:35 First Social Break – Crafts & Cosplays and talking about Elections
4:35 – 5:00 Chain Chronicles (Episode 8 )
5:00 – 6:20 Food Break
6:20 – 7:10 3-Gatsu No Lion (Episodes 16 and 17 )
7:10 – 8:10 Second Social Break – Avalon
8:10 – X:xx Suggestion Slot – Humanity has Declined!(Episodes 1 and 2 )

Social Break 1.-Crafts & Cosplays and Talking about Elections.
   A box of random supplies will be brought with paint, paper, some paint brushes, and other crafty items. Let your creative self go wild and put you imagination to the test because whatever you make is beautiful. Let's have fun! For those with ideas in mind for stuff like cosplay, bring it to work on and show off your skills.
We will also be having elections...
by Oneechan on March 06, 2017, 08:28:09 PM
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All right boys and girls, some of you have been wondering about Anime North tickets. Well, sign up here and we will submit this list to the organizers when we get the discount code. Keep in mind that the cost of the discounted admission is $50, it covers the entire weekend, and your lodging during that time is entirely up to your own arrangements.

by SilverRay101 on February 23, 2017, 09:25:16 AM
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Hey Everyone:
       First showing back since reading break, time to continue watching our lineup. We also have bowling going on after club at McArthur Bowling. So come drop by or meet us at the bowling alley for a relaxing day and an exciting night out. We will be in the Marion Auditorium this Saturday, March 4th.
      This weeks social breaks will consist of (1) Key Master and (2) Bowling.

1:00 2:00 Preshow
2:00 2:50 Little Witch Academia (Episodes 5-6)
2:50 3:15 Chain Chronicles (Episode 5)
3:15 4:15 First Social Break Key Master
4:15 4:40 Chain Chronicles (Episode 6)
4:40 5:30 3-Gatsu No Lion (Episodes 14-15)
5:30 6:50 Food Break
6:50 7:40 Suggestion Slot Trigun (Episodes 1-2)
8:00 X:xx Bowling

Social Break 1. Keymaster -> Are you as stealthy as a ninja? Do you have super human hearing? This is the game for you. The keymaster sits over the keys they protect with their life while their eyes are closed. Adventures try to steal the keys without alerting the keymaster. If the keymaster point out the location of the thief they must wait and try again. A watcher will mediate whether the key master has located the scallywag or if they may continue their advances.

Social Break 2. Bowling -> Show us your moves at 175 McArthur Av, Vanier, ON K1L 6P8 is where we will be bowling this week. Its time to get out of the showing room and play a few rounds of bowling. For two rounds of bowling it costs anywhere between...
by SilverRay101 on February 14, 2017, 03:03:25 PM
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Hey Everyone:
Its a two week streak of anime club! Are you excited? So far our new shows are a hit, so come watch with us. We have a fun line up of social break activities that are of a slightly competitive nature, it should be lots of fun. Join us this Saturday, February 18th in the Marion Auditorium.
This weeks social breaks will consist of (1) Name That Tune: Video Game Edition and (2) Fruits Basket

1:00 2:00 Preshow
2:00 2:50 Little Witch Academia (Episodes 3-4)
2:50 3:15 Chain Chronicles (Episode 3)
3:15 4:35 First Social Break Name That Tune: Video Game Edition
4:35 5:00 Chain Chronicles (Episode 4)
5:00 6:20 Food Break
6:20 7:10 3-Gatsu No Lion (Episodes 12-13)
7:10 8:10 Second Social Break Fruits Basket
8:10 X:xx Suggestion Slot Bungou Stray Dogs (Episodes 1-2)

Social Break 1. Name That Tune: Video Game Edition: We have compiled a list of soundtracks from video games for a special edition of Name That Tune. We will have three rounds: common, uncommon, and rare. Feel free to play in any round! You will write your answers on a sheet of paper and at the end of the song we will add up the points. We will provide you with paper and pens.

Social Break 2.Fruits Basket: Like the anime! We are going to label everyone a different fruit, while sitting in a circle. One person will be left without a place to sit and will stand in the centre of the circle. The player in the centre calls out fruit names. When this happens, all players in that group must stand up from their...
by gaiamayhem on February 07, 2017, 03:51:00 PM
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Hey everyone!

 Its our Valentine's day showing this week so come enjoy the weekend before the holiday of chocolate. There is going to be a special brownie decorating activity you will not want to miss out on, because BROWNIES! Our showing is on Saturday, February 11 in SITE (STE A0150). We are starting our new shows this week.

This weeks social breaks are Valentines Day Special (1) and Origami (2).

1:00-2:00: Pre-show
2:00-2:50: New Show (episodes 1 and 2)
2:50-4:20: First Social Break- Valentines Day Special
4:20-5:10: New Show (episodes 1 and 2)
5:10-6:30: Food Break
6:30-7:20: 3-Gatsu No Lion (episodes 10 and 11)
7:20-8:20: Second Social Break- Origami
8:20- X:xx: Suggestion Slot: Kimi ni Todoke

First Social Break: Valentines Day Special. Got a sweet tooth? We hope you will be the anime clubs valentine and decorate some brownies with us. They were baked with lots of love and sugar. Best part is, you just need to bring your creativity. (It will be peanut-free)

Second Social Break: Origami. Do you know how to fold paper artfully? We dont quite know either but with some paper and tutorials we hope we can figure it out together. The paper will be provided with one of the execs leading the charge on how to fold things such as a lotus flower and a frog.

If neither of these activities suit you, we will also have a set of cards if anyone wants to do something else.

For a list of all our showing dates, please check the main forum page:...
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